Permanent 10 PBN Links – DA 20+ and TF 20+


  • Permanent 10 PBN Links – DA 20+ and TF 20+
  • Detailed excel REPORT with login data

All our domains have average of TF 20+, we repeat it is TF 20+
We have DA 20+ sites only
I have seen people who trust only TF and don’t care about CF. Its not about metric, believe me guys, it’s about the ratio of TF and CF. Our PBN have a ratio of .80, which is perfect.
All our Domains are manually vetted against for SPAM.
All our Blog will look and ready naturally to pass manual verification

Links are created with a unique blog. Blog posts of unique content, right flow and call for action will be prepared by our experts.

We spin the content to produce unique content. After modifications, it will appear similar to a blog post created by a seasoned professional. Each and every post will be read and verified by a human being. Hence, there will not be any scope of errors in terms of sentence formation, flow, grammar and spellings. Each blog post will bring a lot of natural link juice. There will not be any spam links!
We will complete the job in 7 days and

will send you a report with the list of the submissions.

Price $49